YPNG Polls

Should Christians be persecuted for expressing beliefs?

Has dependency been replaced with entitlement?

Do you support Congressional defunding of Obamacare?

Can conservatism find a Republican leader?

Is the Benghazi Tragedy a ‘Phony Scandal?’

Do You Use Social Media to Support Conservative Causes?

Should Unelected Judges Make Policy?

Does the GOP need social conservatives more than economic conservatives?

Should Elected Representatives Face Primary Opponents?

Should the Affordable Care Act be Repealed?

Do you Support a National Park on the Surface of the Moon?

Can Government Allocate Funding Better Than the Free Market?

Should the House pass the Senate Immigration Bill?

Should federal government spending be reduced?

Are you an Ardent Supporter of the U.S. Constitution?

Do you support biometric worker cards for American workers?

Should media shield laws cover conservative bloggers?

Should Congress Appoint an Independent Special Prosecutor in the IRS case?

Will the Benghazi Congressional Hearings affect the 2016 Presidential Election?

Should Congress be Paying Down the National Debt?

Should A Balanced Budget Amendment be added the U.S. Constitution?

Will Senate Republicans Endorse Gang-of-Eight Immigration Proposal?

Should unemployment numbers include those who have stopped looking for work?

Should the U.S. Senate ratify the new UN Global Arms Control Treaty?

Will Tea Party Conservatives Influence the 2014 mid-term Elections?

Are freshman GOP Senators connecting with America?

Will the U.S. Supreme Court overturn the Defense of Marriage Act?

Should Republicans Compromise on Sequestration?

Should Congress Raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $9 an hour?

Should GOP Governors Endorse Medicaid Expansion?

Do you support the decision to end Saturday USPS mail service?

Should Immigration Reform Include Amnesty?

Will Congress Face Partisan Gridlock in 2013?

Will Congress Cut Spending in Debt Ceiling Legislation?

Do you support the new Fiscal Cliff Law?

Is Congress Addicted to Spending?

Should the Federal Government be Required to Have a Balanced Budget?

Will all Bush era tax cuts be extended in a fiscal cliff deal?

Is the American Media biased towards Conservatives?

Should the Affordable Care Act be on the Table in ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Negotiations?

Are Democrats overreaching in debt talks with Republicans?

Should Democrats Agree to Entitlement Cuts and Tax Cuts in ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks?

Should Republicans Stand Firm Against All Tax Increases in Fiscal Cliff Talks?

Do you Support Allowing the Top Two Rates to Rise to 36% and 39.6% After 2012?

Do you Support Israel’s Right to Defend Itself?

Do you support Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense?

Do you Support State Photo identification to Vote?

Do a majority of Americans support an increase of taxes on wealthy?

Did the 2012 General Election hurt the Tea Party Movement?

Should Major News Organizations have called election so early into vote count?

Why do you vote?

Will Mitt Romney win the swing-states in 2012?

Will Mitt Romney win Nevada?

Is Benghazi bigger than Watergate?

Will Mitt Romney Unite the Partisan Divide in Washington?

Who Won the Third and Final Presidential Debate of 2012?

Who Would by Your Dream Presidential Debate Moderator?

Who won the Second Presidential Debate of 2012?

Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate?

Should the Government Fund PBS?

Who won Colorado Debate?

In 2013 which party will control both houses of Congress?

Will Foreign Policy Decide the 2012 Presidential Contest?

Will the National Debt decide this Presidential Election?

Should entitlement reform be a Presidnetial debate topic?

Should the U.S. Eliminate Foreign Aid to Libya and Egypt?

August Unemployment above 8.1% will this be the key voting issue in 2012?

Do you belong to the government?

Is America Exceptional Because of Government Intervention?

Did the GOP Convention Convince Undecided Voters to Support Mitt Romney?

Will the GOP National Convention Energize Conservatives?

Will Mitt Romney Eliminate the National Debt?

Is Paul Ryan the next Ronald Reagan?

Will Paul Ryan swing-states to the Romney/Ryan ticket?

Will Mitt Romney’s Selection of Paul Ryan for VP Energize Conservatives?

Will Mitt Romney Select a Swing State Running-Mate?

Will the unemployment rate affect the U.S. Presidential Election?

Who will win the most Gold Medals at the London Games?

Do Entrepreneurs Owe Their Success to the Government?

Should the UN Arms Treaty Exclude Civilian Weapons?

Is the economy moving in the right direction?

Will the Affordable Care Act ruling benefit Mitt Romney?

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Will Congress find out what happened in Operation Fast and Furious?

Should Mitt Romney select Senator Rand Paul as his running-mate?

Will Scott Walker’s Gubernatorial Recall Election Victory Have National Implications?

Will Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Defeat Recall?

Will Social Media Play an Important Role in the 2012 General Election?

Will Congress pass comprehensive debt reform?

What is the most important issue this Presidential Election?

Who should Mitt Romney select for his running-mate?

Which GOP Governor should Mitt Romney select as VP?

Will Social Media Play An Integral Roll in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Is America headed in the right direction?

What is the most important issue in 2012?

Should people who get government assistance be drug tested?

Will Americans support less taxes & less government or more taxes & bigger government?

Who will win the GOP Presidential Nomination?

Should new EPA proposed regulations on carbon dioxide emissions be challenged?

Should Elected Officials Be Drug Tested?

Should Politicians be Drug Tested?

Should Public Sector Workers Be Drug Tested?

Will the US Supreme Court Rule the Individual Mandate Unconstitutional?

Are Laws Needed to Protect Privacy of Social Media Accounts?

Should Welfare Recipients be Tested for Drugs?

Which GOP Presidential Candidate Unifies Conservative Voters?

Which GOP Candidate will win the Illinois Primary?

Who will win the Louisiana Primary?

Who will win the Mississippi and Alabama Primary’s on March 13?

Which GOP Candidate will emerge victorious on Super Tuesday?

As gas prices rise which GOP candidate has the best energy policy?

Which candidate will win the Michigan GOP Primary?

Which issue will energize conservatives in 2012?

Are laws needed against discrimination of unemployed applicants?

Which GOP Candidate won the Arizona Presidential Debate?

Which GOP candidate excites the working class voter?

Which GOP Candidate Represents Conservatives?

Which GOP candidate can carry cultural issues into the general election?

Will religiously affiliated employers be provided a waiver on providing full contraception coverage to women?

Which Republican will win the Arizona Primary?

Who will win the Colorado Caucuses?

Which Republican will win the Nevada Caucuses?

Which GOP Candidate has the best tax plan?

Which GOP candidate won the CNN/Jacksonville Debate?

Which Republican Candidate will win the Florida GOP Primary?

Who won the National Journal/NBC GOP debate in Tampa?

Who is the most conservative GOP Presidential Candidate?

Who won the Southern Republican Presidential Debate?

Which Candidate won the South Carolina GOP/WSJ Debate?

Which GOP candidate will win the South Carolina Primary?

After the 2012 New Hampshire Primary win is Mitt Romney the presumptive GOP Nominee?

Which GOP candidate won the weekend debates?

Who won the ABC News/WMUR Debate in New Hampshire?

Who will win the New Hampshire Primary?

After the Iowa Caucuses which GOP candidate gains New momentum?

If Sarah Palin was campaigning in the Iowa Caucuses who wins?

Which GOP Candidate represents the views of the Tea Party?

Who will win the Iowa Caucuses?

Who was the most Conservative Governor of 2011?

Who won the Fox News Iowa GOP Presidential Debate?

Which GOP candidate won the Yahoo/ABC News Debate at Drake University?

Which GOP Candidate Gains From Herman Cain’s Exit?

Should Gary Johnson drop out of the GOP and pursue a Libertarian Presidential Bid?

Which GOP Candidate won the CNN/Heritage Foundation/American Enterprise Institute Presidential Debate?

Which GOP Candidate Represents American Exceptionalism?

Which Republican Presidential Candidate has the best ideas?

Is the Obama Administration working hard enough to stop Cuba from risky deep sea oil drilling?

Which group do you support the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street?

Which GOP Presidential Candidate will win the New Hampshire Primary?

Which GOP Candidate is best for the Economy?

Which Republican Presidential Candidate has the best ideas?

Who benefits from Republican Presidential infighting?

What Candidate won the Las Vegas GOP Presidential Debate?

Who is the Republican Front Runner?

Which GOP Presidential Candidate will Conservatives Rally Around?

Which Republican will win the GOP Presidential Nomination?

Herman Cain – will he win GOP Presidential Campaign?

Who won the Fox News/Google Presidential GOP Debate?

Which GOP Presidential Candidate has the best record on job creation?

Who leads the Republican Field for President?

Which GOP Presidential Candidate will win the Nomination?

With Pawlenty out who is the GOP Frontrunner for 2012?

Michele Bachmann wins the Iowa Straw Poll. Is Bachmann the GOP Frontrunner?

Who wins the Iowa GOP Straw Poll in 2O11?

Which of these official & write-in candidates will win Iowa Straw Poll?

Are you fed up with the direction of country? Vote for who you believe will lead country in new direction!

Nine official candidates to appear on Iowa Straw Poll: Which will win?

Will Mitch McConnell’s debt plan be approved by the GOP?

Ron Paul announces that he won’t run for re-election to Congress, will this help
his Presidential Run?

Would you have given the 3,000th hit Home Run Ball Back to Derek Jeter?

Should debt ceiling vote include Entitlement Reform?

Who was the Greatest of the Founding Fathers?

Should San Francisco ban the sale of hamsters and goldfish?

Should the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) be eliminated?

Will the Tea Party increase voter turnout to the polls in 2012?

Will the NLRB succeed in its lawsuit against Boeing?

Will Congressman Ron Paul win the GOP Nomination for President?

Should US Senator Rand Paul Run for President?

North Carolina the 3rd state to defund Planned Parenthood, will a majority of the
states follow?


Should Rep. Anthony Weiner be impeached?

Will Florida Governor Rick Scott name August 6th as a Day of Prayer?

Should Lt. Col. Allen West run for the GOP Nomination for President?

Should Anthony Weiner resign from Congress?

Will the economy be the most important issue in the 2012 elections?

Will the NFL Lockout end in time to have a 2011 season?

Will a debt limit deal be reached by the end of June?

Should Senator Jim DeMint mount a presidential campaign?

Who will win GOP Nomination?

Can Herman Cain win the GOP Presidential Nomination?

Should governor Chris Christie run for president?

Should Texas Governor Rick Perry run for GOP Presidential Nomination?

Should Newt Gingrich continue with his GOP presidential campaign?

Should the debt limit be increased…?

Israel Borders?

Who will win Iowa Straw Poll?

Who will GOP Nomination for President?

Should the Rest of the States Craft Arizona Style Immigration Law?

Should Obama have addressed the border security …?

“Carp Czar”

“Will President Obama issue an Executive Order …” Poll

“Cap and Trade” Poll

Federal Healthcare Law Poll

Arizona Style Immigration Poll